Santorini Old Port in Fira

Santorini Old Port in Fira

The old port of Fira is located 275 meters below the Fira town.  There are around 600 steps for someone to go from Fira to the old port and back.

The old port is mostly used by cruise ships’ passengers to reach from the cruise ship to the town of Fira.

By taking the donkeys or mules up the winding steps, you can arrive to Fira downtown.

A different way to go up to Fira downtown is the  new and comfort way of the electric cable car.  It was installed as a gift from the wealthy Santorini ship owner Evaggelos Nomikos in 1979. The electric cable car is also known as the “teleferique” and it can transport up to 1200 person per hour.

In the old port one can also take the small boats that take you to a daily cruise around the new and old caldera islands, called Nea kameni and Palea kameni.

In these islands there is a walk of 20 minutes on a lunar ground, from the shore of the Island of Nea Kameni to discover the volcano’s crater and also one can see holes from where the steam of sulphur is coming out. After Nea Kameni you will be taken to Palea Kameni where you can enjoy the bubbling sulphur water.