Santorini Wineries Tour

Wine is one of the integrated parts of Greek culture. Fortunately, Santorini is blessed to have some of the finest vineyards among the Greek Islands. Some of the finest Santorini wines that can be found all over the world, are produced from the Santorini wineries.

Remains of Volcanic ash, lava and pumice stone, made Santorini soil perfect for the wine production.

Santo Wines Santorini

Santo Wines was founded in the year 1947 and is located at the village of Pygros in Santorini.

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Canava Roussos Santorini

Canava Roussos is regarded as the oldest winery in the island of Santorini.

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Antoniou Winery Santorini

This winery is located near Athinios port, which is constructed into the cliff of Santorini Island

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Volcan Wines Santorini

Volcan winery has a wine museum for visitors and is located in the Kamari beach road.

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Boutaris Wines Santorini

This winery consists of modern facilities. It has a large area of reception, which is being used for wine testing.

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